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I come from a musically-inclined family. Probably not what you are thinking, though. In fact, I remember one of the funniest jokes my mom ever told: “I can play all kinds of music; on the radio, on the record player, on the tape deck.” Ok, I was young… I thought it was really funny at the time. 🙂

Our family made QUITE A FEW PCS’s over the years and what was the first thing that was set-up in each new house after the movers came and went? (I think even before the beds!): The stereo. I remember Dad getting all the wires set up, getting the speakers in place and then the music would be flowing while we unpacked boxes, boxes and more boxes. For all of us that music was a destresser. (Although, I cannot listen to Abba without thinking of moving-boxes… what is with that?!)

Today, I dropped the kids off at the sitter and on the way home BLASTED Rob Thomas. I have had a terrible headache all week, taken my doses of Frova, Excedrin, Al eve … The Frova works the best (it is prescription after all) but the pain kept coming back day after day, night after night. I am happy to say after the ride home with Rob as my side-kick, I am headache free. I sang to my heart’s content. It was a lovely series of duets … He really should ask me to go on tour with him :).

I was heading home from Ft McCoy at the end of June after saying goodbye to my husband, headed overseas. Tim McGraw & Faith Hill’s “It’s Your Love” was piping out of the car stereo. I had tears streaming down my face but a huge smile. My boys didn’t even ask what was wrong because they know sometimes ‘it is just the music‘. That song summed up that moment for me and now every time I hear that song it will bring me back to that very moment. I have more songs than I can count that have a very dear meaning to me.

Funny thing is if I fell off of the face of this earth the one thing my husband would NOT miss is the constant music flowing through our house. It is always on here. I would MUCH prefer to turn the TV off and the music on. We differ in that aspect. But he still loves me, 110%. So I hope he is enjoying these many months in his music-free zone. When the time comes I am sure I will find a great song that will always remind me of his homecoming and we will be sure to blast it to welcome him home!

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PS Here are some interesting articles on how music can be a mood enhancer:

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