Happy Birthday, *E*

Sunday was my son’s 6th birthday. Wow, six years old! We had a wonderful day of celebrating but it has taken me TWO days to recuperate (hence, this “belated birthday”).

I see so much of *E* in me. We are both quiet amongst new people but get us with friends and we’ll talk your ear off. We both crave friendship. We both like to know ‘the plan’. The unexpected can throw our whole day off. Surprises? Hate them! We savor knowing what is “in the works”.

But he is not me. He is a rough and tumble boy. He can make a gun out of his finger, or legos or any other object despite my disdain for guns. He loves to yell “BOO” when someone walks in the door. He loves to paint and color and cut and glue. He loves to tell jokes, as nonsensical as they can be… “Why did the car cross the road? To get to the other chicken” (?!) He smiles when I hold his hand or give him a kiss good-bye as he gets on the big kindergarten bus. He gets tears in his eye as he whispers, “I miss Dad”. He still sleeps with his favorite blanket his Grandma made for him before he was born and can’t close his eyes without his toy-puppy “Josh”. *E* is LIFE wrapped up in a dirty kneed, wonderfully made, precious little boy.

Happy Birthday, *E*. I hope this next year brings us as much and so much more adventure & fun as the previous.

– Mom (aka Leanne from, September 23, 2008Military Life:,

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