Once in a blue moon …

I think my kids had to pick themselves up off the floor last night …

I baked.
It happens, oh once in a blue moon, and almost all my baking involves a box. Cake from a box, muffins from a box… add the egg and the oil and wa-la you are done.

Last night actually involved a recipe 🙂 We had fun. The boys each took turns adding the ingredients to the mixing bowl. They took turns whisking, there was not one fight involved. It was beautiful! (My only complaint was the clean-up … but you can’t win them all.)

I did have to do a little research in order to actually follow the recipe to some degree. After all a woman who does not bake usually does not have buttermilk in her refrigerator or cake-flour in her pantry. (Oh and props to my parents for picking such delicious berries and bringing them my way to put in my freezer. They are DELICIOUS!)

The muffins are for an Open House this morning for my MOPS group. Believe me, I don’t just bake on a whim. 🙂 But the boys and I each sampled our baked goods last night and decided they were the most delicious muffins we had ever made as a team!

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