Trunk ‘n Treat

Friday was a fun time for my boys. Exactly a week before Halloween and they got their first taste of this year’s Halloween Candy. MMMMM…. Sugar…

Our local MOPS chapter organized a Trunk ‘n Treat in the church parking lot. If you are looking for a fun & safe alternative or addition to the traditional Trick -or- Treat this is the up and coming thing :). All of the families parked their cars in two rows with the trunks facing in. Then the children could go from trunk to trunk, car to car, and pick out some candy. Since most of the moms were escorting their children, the candy was pretty much unattended with the trunks all opened up. For our group the honor system worked [Although I REALLY would have liked to take the one bowl full of Twix candy-bars home and hoard them for myself… sometimes us moms are no better than the kids. Alas, I behaved too. ;)]

Some moms even decorated their trunks and piped some Halloween-ish music out of their car-speakers. It was wonderful to see the creativity. I also really enjoyed seeing the children dressed up in costume; something about 2 year-old Pooh Bears and bumble-bees is just too sweet. (Although my handsome knight and ghoully ghost took the prize in my book.)

The holiday season is upon us. Halloween can be a very scary time for our young ones but this was a nice change of pace. If you are looking for autumn ideas keep this one in mind. It comes highly recommended (from myself and kids alike)!

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