Tis the Season

Wow, craziness has overcome the Kocsis household – Tis the Season, I suppose.

Kindergarten Class Parties
High School Orchestra Concerts
Cookies, Cookies and Cookies – followed by the inevitable Kitchen Cleanup
Shopping, Shopping, Shopping followed by Bills, Bills, Bills
Preschool Class Plays
Christmas Lights, garland and hours spent outside freezing my little fingers off decorating
Deadlines for work despite everything else that is happening
Christmas cards that need to be addressed and mailed

I don’t think *this* is supposed to be the Reasons for the Season. Quite often my own children will remind me; “I can’t wait for Jesus’ birthday”. Sometimes in the midst of the ‘work’ & chaos I remember what it is all about myself: making Christmas cookies with the kids is a lot of fun & a great memory maker on cold December days; wrapping presents while I think of the joy that will fill my children’s faces on Christmas morning; sitting back and enjoying the music & noise of the season.

Don’t forget the chaos that surrounded the birth of a baby over 2,000 years ago. I hope that those that stood around that stable also found the peace in the midst of the chaos themselves that night. I need to remind myself daily of that peace that passes understanding. I hope you can find it in the chaos of your own December!byLeanneonMonday, December 15, 2008Military Life:,

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