What Does 2009 Have in Store for Our Military Community?

Whatever happened to 2008? Seems like the year just got started! But here right in front of us is 2009!

Before I move onto 2009 I want to say thank you to just a few of the many folks who we have enjoyed working with this last year as they supported our military community in many ways.

We certainly enjoyed continuing our great relationship with Star and Tara from

Army Wife Talk Radio with a visit to Ft Campbell in December! They sure have a heart for Army spouses!

Our friends from

USAA, in particular Mike Kelly, have also been great this year. We continue to use their great financial information to help you with your day to day lifestyle issues in the form of blog and MilAve articles. They are a great team with a caring attitude.

The folks at Military Spouse Corporate Career Network,

MSCCN, Deborah and Kate have been great as they assist military spouses looking for employment. What a great endeavor for a non profit and we are just starting to open this door for our readers.

The list goes on but the key factor for the military community is to know that you are not alone and there are many individuals, businesses, non profits, forums, etc that can and do help! So for 2008 a big thank you to all of our Military Avenue Partners who provide MilitaryRewards in the form of discounts and gifts. We have over 6,200 ads with Rewards for you!

Now for that question about what is in store for 2009? I am afraid I can only say probably more of the same with continued deployments and gainful service by our military men and women! The world is a turbulent place and we can only expect continued strife and conflict. We can also know that there is change coming in the leadership of our government and many hope that may create a different atmosphere.

I offer my prayers to the new President as he meets these challenges which have a direct impact on all Americans but even more directly on our military responders and their families! God Bless all of you and may you be rewarded with a great 2009!byColonel KonTuesday, December 30, 2008Military Life:,,

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