Does a Better Burger have to be Bigger?

Company is coming… short notice. Time to dig into the freezer and see what the storehouse holds. Yeah for ground chuck, ground round, 93% lean beef – Hamburgers!

Folks are hungry… it’s raining/snowing/ugly outside. Therefore, the grill outside is out of the question.

Pull out the large frying pan and with 2 T. of olive oil, saute 2 onions sliced thin. As they cook down and soften, pat the burgers into thin patties. I know, a larger burger is the norm for the grill, but the fry pan will perfect this thinner beef burgers. Move the onions in the pan to the sides, and place 4 burgers next to each other. Cook on medium heat one side for 4 minutes. Flip. Put a slice of Monterrey Jack cheese on each piece of meat, and cover with the onions. Cook 3 more minutes.

Slice Anadama bread into very thin pieces, toast. Spread a bit of mayonnaise, catsup and mustard on one slice and add the cheeseburger and onions. WOW. A gourmet sandwich in a moment’s notice!

It is hard to tell what is the crowning piece in this burger: the bread, the meat, or the caramelized onions. Life is tough sometimes… isn’t it great when this is the question that stumps us! Enjoy and let me know you prefer to entertain with a few hours notice and ingredients that are sitting in the pantry.byDeborahonSunday, February 08, 2009Military Life:,,,,

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