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I love pictures. I love capturing memories, tagging moments and displaying the love of friends and family. Photos do that. I started young with a brownie camera. Saved my allowances to pay for flash bulbs, flash cubes and finally a new camera that had a built in flash attachment. Wonders would never cease.

Then, I saw the big screen and fell in love with slides, and movies. We moved around a dish pack box full of boxes of slides trays. Setting up each house had to have a good spot to enjoy the pull down screen which we used when we would pull out the projector for our movie/slide show. And I should mention the 35 MM camera complete with a bag of gadgets: different lenses, filters and lighting equipment. Life was engaging hauling a baby, a diaper bag and the camera bag. Weight was evenly distributed!

NOW, and AMEN and Hallelujah… the digital. Oh the digital you are worthy of our joy!

Our shelves are full of albums. We have at least 2 per year… until 3 years ago when I fell in love with and where I could paste those pictures on line, print them at my leisure and share them with the world.

I live in an ever changing world and recently started gleaning some of these beauties… scanned from albums and uploaded from my online accounts. I share them on Images fly around the world faster than a credit card payment… and we know that is immediate now! I love seeing pictures of friends and families that others have had safely stored in their own precious photo albums.

Share and share alike. Bring on the old times… laugh at the knobby knees, missing teeth, unkempt hair and fashion lovelies! Sigh with the faces of loved ones who are long gone. Be amazed at the resemblances of generations past and the generation present. Photos… a scientific study waiting to happen. Capture more than a moment, capture the story of your friends and family via Internet. I think this is why it was created!

Send us some of your photos of service members of yore… and present. Six degrees of separation might let you see your grandfather, or great great uncle/or aunt. It certainly will let you see smiles and the strong character that brought us safety and brings us pride.

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