A Breath of Fresh, Unhurried Air

I almost didn’t go this morning. I have felt *very* overwhelmed the last 10 days and the thought of sitting around with friends and fellow-moms at a MOPS meeting wasn’t appealing. After all, it is Monday. I lost an hour of time this weekend (thanks to Daylight Savings Time). Getting the boys out of bed, dressed, lunches packed and the kindergartner on the bus was a little tougher than usual this morning.

Plus, I have had a few job responsibilities shifted onto my plate while my fellow bloggers are on a well deserved vacation… and to top it all of my *Hubby* returned back to the sand-box about 10 days ago and I just can’t seem to get back into our one parent-routine. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED having him home and wouldn’t trade that time together for the world but I’ve been juggling household responsibilities by myself for about a year. He came home and I let him take some of the “balls” out of my hands so that I was juggling less for those two-weeks. Now I just can’t get them back in-sync.

So I wasn’t looking forward to sitting around a table gabbing with ladies over coffee and breakfast; all the while thinking about everything that I needed to get done.
How silly of me! How wonderful it was to just turn my brain’s “to-do” list off for 90 minutes. As we sat around talking and then listening to a short-message from the day’s speaker I totally forgot about the world around me. I walked out the room *completely* refreshed and ready to tackle whatever came my way.

When you are thinking through your days keep people at the forefront. We need the human interaction. We need someone to say, “How are you doing?” and to ask the same of others. We need to meet new faces and reacquaint with old ones. We need to breathe a breath of fresh, unhurried air.

I’m ready to tackle my day. Thanks, ladies!

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