Holding Up the Fort

Happy Monday! My two fellow bloggers, Dale & Deborah, are off sailing the seas for about two-weeks. I hope they are having a *wonderful* well-deserved vacation! I am oozing jealousy because it was 10 degrees on my kitchen-window thermometer this morning. I am not a ‘cold’ person. I’ll take the warm waters of the Caribbean any day! (Well, except maybe during hurricane season.)

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! This week is Dr. Seuss week for my son’s kindergarten class. I am so excited for him. It sure is nice to shake things up as the tail end of winter can be so hard. They have something planned for each of the five days of school which includes:

  • Monday: bring a stuffed animal and a Dr Seuss book to read to your animal. *E* brought his ‘Build A Bear’ that we got from our FRG. It has a little voice-recorder in the hand and when you press on it Hubby tells *E* how much he loves him. It is very sweet.

    He brought the book “My Many Colored Days” by Dr Seuss. I have been reading that book to the boys since they were babies. It is so true and a great reminder for ME that some days are “happy pink” and other days are black- “mad and loud. I howl, I growl at every cloud”. But “it all turns out alright you see and I go back to being me!” We can all weather the storms of our life (including the cost of repairing my furnace yesterday, but that is another story entirely.)

  • Tuesday: Wear a hat to school. We aren’t big hat wearers but I’m sure we can find something for him. I *might* even have a “Cat in the Hat” hat in the basement… I’m going to have to look around.
  • Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday. They get to dress up as crazy as they want. I’m still thinking about this one because of course he needs to be comfortable for the day but isn’t it fun to just be a little wild once in awhile! (Any ideas for me? I’m thinking he could wear his clothes ‘inside out’…)
  • Thursday: Reading Buddy Day with another kindergarten class.
  • Friday: Pajama Day. *E* is especially psyched about this one. Pajamas to school! How fun. They are also going to have Green Eggs & Ham for breakfast at school… [He’s not so psyched about that one ;)]

It’s just a great week to mix things up for the kids. I’m glad they are taking the opportunity to do this. I say, let the kids be kids once in awhile and give them another reason to get excited about going to school!
By the way, I am now ‘twittering’. If you are a twitter-er join me at: I love staying in touch with fellow-military families.
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