Pack it in, or up.. but Save the Cardboard

Life, we meet it as it comes. And when it comes with a set of orders, save the cardboard boxes. I know, you will read that you should not put them in the attic – fire hazard. You should not put them in the basement – bug camping ground. You cannot store them in the closets…. ha ha who ever had that kind of room?

Boxes were the highlight of a PCS. When all the chatter about how wonderful the next place was going to be… all the build up for the kids about museums, parks, beaches, or side trips filled their minds. When they were left only to their thoughts, we could look out the window and see someone moving in. As our house emptied, the place across the street filled and out spewed the boxes! YEAH cardboard. A train of connected crates filled the yard. A tower of packaging or a race car cut out of a large container with crayon colored wheels was theirs for a day.

I love reading other blogs. There are so many talented military spouse writers. Somehow they know exactly how I responded to emotions, people and situations that happened years ago. I guess I am saying the age and time limit just are fuzzy when dealing with PCS, TDY, OWC, ACS, SOS etc… YEAH! They verify me. They prove that my walk as a military spouse had merit. My devotion to my spouse, his work, his compatriots, his studies, his absences were worthy of my time, emotion, strength.

Friends, sometime cyber friendships move us along through life. Friendships open doors as outlets for questioning thoughts – “Can we really be moving again?” “What do people do in Wichita Falls, TX?” “How many high schools can my son attend?”

Look out the window. See anyone moving in? Grab some boxes, or just remember the joy and release of the giggles that came when kids cut doors, windows, or drew wheels.byDeborahonThursday, March 26, 2009Military Life:,

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