Three going on 14

*C* will be four next month. I’m SO ready to move on past age three. The whining and “Whys” are enough to drive me insane. WHY is that car red? Because they painted it red. WHY did they paint it red? That’s what color they wanted it. I don’t know WHY they wanted it red, honey. And believe me this conversation won’t end that simply… it will end with my wanting to pull my hair out despite loving him to pieces.

But there are moments, seconds, fleeting minutes that I want to just gobble him up. This is one of them:

Recently he has been *all about* his brother’s mp3 player. His favorite song at the moment is “
But the Cat Came Back” sung by Laurie Berkner. He has it playing on big-brother’s music player and sings it to his heart’s content. It is enough to make any mom smile!

Sometimes I think he forgets he is not a teenager; music player and game-system in toe. I just can’t help but smile and beg him not to grow up too soon! (“WHY don’t you want me to grow-up, Mom?” OK, maybe you can grow up a little – but not too much please… let’s get past this WHY stage, PLEASE!!!)

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