What a weekend! I am thrilled to have Hubs home from his year long deployment to the sand-box for so many reasons. This weekend was a quick reminder of one of those reasons: multiple-schedules.

There were times over this last year where I simply had to say “I can’t do it” because it would have required splitting my body into two and being at four places at once. It was frustrating because when my children are active they are happy. When they are happy I am happy. But there were times we just couldn’t do it all PERIOD. (And yet we were still happy, well apart from the fact that Hubs was in Iraq)

Soccer & T-Ball overlap for about two-weeks for our youngsters and this weekend the two-week overlap began. But amidst the craziness of a booked-Saturday schedule there was a certain joy. A joy of having healthy-active boys whose parents love not only *them* more than life, but each other more than life. We enjoyed the games & practices as a family and when things overlapped we easily figured out who needed to do what. I just had a sense of peace despite the craziness about us.

Sunday was the town’s official Little League parade. What a great way to get the town and kids PUMPED up about the upcoming baseball-season. I dropped Hubs & my 6 year-old off at the middle school & then my 4 year old and I went and parked our car close to the end of the parade route. With my camera in hand, *C* and I went to find the “perfect” spot to sit and watch the parade. Well lo & behold as we were walking along I heard a neighbor calling out my name. So *C* and I got to sit next to friends and enjoy the sites and sounds of the fine Sunday afternoon.

After the parade was done we met Hubs and *E* (the new T-Ball player!) at the ball field for opening-day ceremonies. In the course of the 90 minutes we were there (because *E* HAD to wait and have his free-hot dog and juice box) I ran in to 4 or 5 families that I knew. People I could talk to. Faces I enjoyed. I didn’t go expecting to know many faces and yet … the more I become involved the more faces I get to know. We even sat down with an acquaintance of mine & her husband. She has a son in kindergarten with *E* so the boys played while I got to know Liz a bit better and her husband.

Community! This is what it is about. It is about getting to know those around you, taking the time to do what the town (or base or post) has to offer, maybe being a bit uncomfortable when walking into a sea of unfamiliar faces and yet knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Get involved: go to a parade, attend a class at your family center, join the PTA & attend meetings, help in the classroom. Do something to get to know those around you! After yesterday I could see that I didn’t live in a bubble and my network of friends was expanding. It felt good!

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