Lowes & Home Depot offer Military Discount for Memorial Day

My garden has been tilled! I felt like a regular farmer this weekend as I pushed my father-in-laws’ rototiller up and down our vegetable garden. I made quite a few passes working up the dirt from last years garden & then even expanding the garden two or three feet. I have BIG plans for this years garden… big plans! I know the carrots are going to be the best in the land, the tomatoes the juiciest, the cucumbers the tastiest, the peppers the biggest, the watermelon the wettest, the spinach the crispest and the lettuce the crunchiest.

Hubs isn’t quite convinced that we are saving any money by doing a garden; but maybe it’s not the ‘savings’ that I’m going for. It is the joy, the reward, the feeling of accomplishment as the kids, Hubs and I enjoy the fruits of our labors all summer long. But with those feelings comes the expense of the seeds, the dirt, the fence to keep the bunnies out and this year is going to include a new expense of black edging to keep the grass out. (Why does it always grow where I don’t want it?!)

There are always household expenses that come with a change in season, aren’t there?! Spring / Summer leads us to the outdoors and am very pleased to hear that Lowes & Home Depot are offering a 10% discount for Memorial Day weekend again this year! So you know where I will be this Thursday!… out there purchasing my garden’s border to keep that pesky grass at bay.

To Lowes & Home Depot I give a heart-felt Thank You! Its not ALL about the money for this military-family. It’s about being recognized for the sacrifice, the honor, the distance, the pride that being a member of the US Military entails. The savings is nice … but it’s not all about ‘the savings’ for this Army-Wife!

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