Celebrations and Why and How They Can Be Special

Last week we had a reason to celebrate! A little more than three years ago my wonderful military spouse fought off breast cancer after a long battle with multiple painful tests, surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. She never really slowed down and kept on moving ahead with life but then about three weeks ago she had a shock with a possible indication of a recurrence.

The surgeon said “not likely” but he needed to do a biopsy to verify! You can imagine the discomfort and concern we both felt realizing another round of treatments was a possibility! We told our family, friends and church what was going on and really appreciated their prayers and support! We felt cared about and the presence of God’s peace but hey, we are human and finding peace in this situation is pretty tough.

Last week the test came back “negative for cancer” and after catching our breath and enjoying a big hug we decided to celebrate with dinner out (after telling all of our family and friends the great news). So I ask Deb where she wanted to go and she thought for a moment and said how about “Outback”? The closest Outback is about 22 miles away and we enjoyed the ride and talked about other times we had celebrated.

When we got to the Outback the hostess seated us and ask us if we were celebrating anything and we said we sure are! When the server approached the table, Nate said, what are you celebrating? He must have been a bit surprised when Deb tried to tell him and started tearing up. I jumped in to explain and then Deb finished and he left knowing that he was serving a special lady that night. During the meal he provided Deb with a free drink and brought his manager over to talk to Deb. Amber said some very kind words and then delivered a free but wonderful dessert of fudge on a brownie with vanilla ice cream! Ha ha ha! Well, we might have been enjoying the evening but that left this guy in need of some insulin! 🙂

We left the restaurant knowing our evening had been made special by two wonderful employees of a great restaurant! Thank you Amber and Nate!


So if you need a place to celebrate I can highly recommend Outback Steakhouse 3650 28th St SE Kentwood, MI 49512 – (616) 957-7932. Here is their corporate website so you can find one in your area: Outback SteakhousebyColonel KonTuesday, June 09, 2009Military Life:,

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