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RT @DrumFMWR What is everyone doing for lunch? ACS is having their Brown Bag Lunch Series from today Noon to 1pm. Topic “Talking to a Deployed Loved One”

If you don’t receive tweets, the above might not be in the best English format for you. However, for a multitude of folk, it is an easy read.

The subject caught my eye and brought me back a decade or so. Whenever Dale was on the road, somehow the word got out to the washing machine, the dryer, the car, the kids tonsils… “Let’s keep the family entertained!” Lovely.

At first when the phone rang and his sweet endearing voice softly came across the wire for 10 split seconds I met it with joy and companionship… and then… I felt I needed to share. Share in the annoyances that were surrounding the home front. And then Whack up side the head I would realize – Arghhh not the best communication skill there Deborah. What can he do about this, and is this the subject that I wanted to share in the precious 3 minutes that we would have.
True, he needed to know that a jumbo size car mechanic bill was in the mail. But he needed to know that I had it covered with ‘a bit less of this or none of that shopping’. We were a frugal family who enjoyed the USAF life to the fullest. That TDY pay, Combat pay and my paycheck filled the sparks that life threw in our path.

So, the subject of the tweet above: “Talking to a Deployed Loved One” is a very valuable instruction. Best of luck to all of you living in two separate time zones! It will get better!

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