The End of Summer Vacation (Phew!)

We crossed a line … some sort of invisible line on the calendar.

I LOVE summer vacation. The thoughts of late May, early June make me smile a mile wide. I love the last day of school. I love the lack of routine and the free-spirit that summer brings out in us. Those first few weeks of summer transform me into a happy school-aged girl again.

However… last Monday (August 10) I suddenly realized that I was ready for school to begin. WAY ready. BEYOND ready. My boys have been fighting. A LOT. Some of it is in brotherly love… but even that constant wrestling gets to this momma. Other fighting is real. The “I’M TELLING” variety. (Words that make my stomach curl.) I remind them they are not only brothers, they are friends. I send them outside and tell them to take a lap around the house. Once in awhile I even have to set them in chairs and instill the wrath of Mean-Momma on them. (Hands on hips, beady eyes, “NO MORE FIGHTING”.)

As a mom I get tired of the refereeing. I much prefer partners-in-crime to mortal-enemies at age 4 and 6.

What is pulling me through these couple of weeks?! Monday, August 24. Mom’s across America will be doing a happy-dance. (Realizing that school starts on different days … some friends have already started (lucky-ducks!), others have to wait till after Labor Day. But you get the idea.) My son has found out who his teacher is. He will know some of the kids in his class. We have Open House on Thursday. School supplies have been bought. Life is good! We are ready!

I don’t want to come across as a mom shirking her duties, groaning about … well, being a Mom. But as much as I look forward to the lack of routine in May / June, I look forward to the routine in August / September. Kind of funny how that works!

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