Finding sunshine in an otherwise gloomy day

I had big plans for today. It is the second day of school for my school-age children and a regular child-care day for my preschooler. Since I have the pleasure of working from my home-office I can *truly* appreciate a quite house. I had lists made of things that needed to be accomplished. Phone calls to make. Emails to reply to. Site management opportunities to put at the top of my priorities.

But before jumping into my ‘To Do list’ I took a few moments to read some personal emails that came in over night. One was from a family member. Their son has just been diagnosed with leukemia. My heart just came crashing. Chemo, radiation, a port to administer meds with, surgery. All in a little 11-month old boy. How can that be? My thoughts turned to the family. They are far away from their own family, as the little-boy’s dad is in the Navy. I pray their Navy family is helping to take care of them as only those nearby can. Thoughts of helplessness as I considered what I can do from them on the other side of the continent.

Then another email. My mom and dad were off to a funeral for a soldier killed in Afghanistan. He was from their tiny little town in Michigan. (I know that Colonel K will write more about the funeral when he can so I won’t ‘steal his thunder’.) It was just another chip in my emotional-well-being for the day. The thoughts of Cpl Nick Roush’s family, his friends, those he loved and was loved by, just sent me barreling down a hill I hadn’t planned on going down.

Finally, I realized what was going on. I realized that I was getting NOTHING done because of all these thoughts running in my head. So after a long talk with God, filled with “why”s, “thank you”s, “help”s, and a bit of silence, I went outside this afternoon and cut some sunflowers from the garden, my favorite flower; just a perfect ray of sunshine. I put them in a vase and reminded myself to Love life while I have it. Live life. and to Pray continuously for those that are hurting, really hurting.

Tonight each of my children will get an extra hug; my husband an extra moment [or more… I won’t be stingy :)] of my time. Life is meant for living, and loving.

– Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.combyLeanneonTuesday, August 25, 2009Military Life:

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