Supporting our military families this Christmas Season

I just read about a wonderful program from a company called ‘Christmas Decor‘ that I wanted to share. It is hard to be thinking about the Christmas season … a few months away when we haven’t even bought our Halloween candy for the year. However, Christmas Decor has a *wonderful* program for our military-families.

The lights of the holidays brighten a world where families are separated by war and hostilities. The homes we light for a soldier’s family always seem to sparkle more and shine brighter. The Decorated Family Program of Christmas Decor has been bringing light into the lives of many families throughout the United States. To us and our many franchisees, it’s a small token of thanks for the sacrifices the soldiers and their families make for so many. We are truly a grateful nation.

Imagine that. Someone to come a decorate the outside of your house at Christmas time. I know that I would have *surely* loved this service last year. It was chaos around here as my husband was in Iraq. I was managing a house as a single-mom of three boys at a time of year I usually love. Pure chaos I tell you. I found time to decorate, because it was important to me … but I didn’t do it with a warm heart like I usually do.

Find out more information at their website:

Thank you to yet another wonderful company for supporting our troops and their families!

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