Congratulations USAA! Number 3 of Top 100 Most Military Friendly Employers

USAA has been named #3 of the Top 100 of Most Military Friendly Employers by GI Jobs Magazine! That is their highest ranking ever and shows their continued commitment to support the military community with their services, products and employment!

I spoke with three USAA employees this afternoon and asked them questions about the company and its employment programs that lead to the recognition by GI Jobs. John Dipiero, Howie Egbert and Brandon Harrison were kind enough to speak with me and answer my questions about their employer! John and Howie are retired Air Force and Brandon was active duty Army till joining USAA in January and is now serving with the Texas National Guard.

First, just some basic facts about USAA: 7 Million Members, 22,000 employees, 12% of the employees are veterans and 7% are military spouses! The company target (which they are working hard to reach) is to have 25% of the employees be part of the military community they serve. That includes military spouses, family members, veterans, retirees, and Guard and Reserve members.

Why would you want to work for USAA? John, said the bottom line is they have great products and services that support the military community and they take care of their employees. Brandon, Howie and John all praised their training programs which allow military personnel to transition to a new job and be trained for it! They have on the job training and will pay for college courses as well! Personal experience tells me that is a unique opportunity to receive quality training from an employer while in transition to civilian life!

Military personnel should take advantage of Transition Assistance Programs which have become very helpful and informative according to all three! John said, “You are crazy if you don’t use them.” Next step is to contact USAA to find your niche! Brandon had a USAA contact who worked through resume issues and gave advice too!

John and Howie were both retirees and said the company has no age issues and they felt like they were doing what they wanted to do! Brandon said the environment was more like family and allows choices within the company for lateral moves and other career options as well! All were highly enthusiastic about their jobs, the folks they work with and the company!

Brandon is now a member of the Guard and felt that the company allowed him to continue serving with a flexible schedule for duty periods that were required. The company has won the Freedom Award from the ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve) in the past for its support of Guard and Reserve members too! So if you are a separating veteran with the desire to continue serving in the Guard or Reserve this is a great company to join!

Feel the enthusiasm? Want to join the USAA team? Send John an email at to find out more information and begin that next career step!

PS: Did you know that all honorably serving Veterans are now eligible to join USAA? Click on the USAA logo at the top to find out more of the benefits and why you should be a member!byColonel KonWednesday, December 09, 2009Military Life:,,

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