From Holiday Bliss to This!

There are a few events that bring families together. By that I am thinking the aunts, uncles, cousins, in laws and out laws. Holidays are my first thought. Plenty of food, drink, gaiety, laughter, a touch of sibling rivalry, bouts of testosterone surges, and wafts of whimsical play. Weddings are up there on the chart of reasons to share time outside of the house; again, most of the above interactions occur. Funerals pull the heart strings of loved ones to the center of one’s grief but usually that center is showered with memories, joy in the idea of the deceased being pain-free, hope of eternal rest for the loved one. Holding family close and the knowledge of the infrastructure of our civilized world allows us to know that life will go on pretty much as ‘usual’.

Now take a mind’s step away to the island where Haiti is located. Holidays, weddings and even funerals have screeched to a rocky halt there. A country that was not vacation friendly in the first place has been ripped, thrown up in the air and tumbled into bedlam.

I listened in on a telephonic discussion last night with the commander on the ground and 23 other bloggers. The general sounded exhausted. Obvious that he is working longer hours than a body should. He has seen more horror, sorrow and disruption than anyone would think possible. Lt. General Keen was on Haiti when the earthquake occurred. There was no warning of course that the earthquake was coming. He stated that no work was set up to handle such an event. It just happened. His quarters were up a very short distance from the epicenter. He immediately went outside after the first tremor and could hear the screams of pain from people down below.
Imagine. I can’t.

Within the shortest of time our military was there. We set up the airport. Set up communications in the airport. We began rescue procedures in an uninhabitable land. All services are present. All are doing exemplary work, honorable work, unimaginable work. Wow.
Families in Haiti are longing to be together, longing to know what joy will be marked on their calendars. Longing to know how to bury their dead and continue life. To say we have it good in this country is an understatement.
Our thoughts and prayers for our military fighting on man made battlefields and those fighting disease and time on the humanitarian battlefields are coveted. Continue to hold them up. Thank you for your support and continued appreciation for all that they do. So that others may live.byDeborahonTuesday, January 19, 2010Military Life:,,

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