The National Museum of the United States Air Force

This weekend we had a great time visiting the USAF Museum at Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton OH! We traveled from sunny Michigan to Ohio and picked up three grandsons enroute for a stay in Dayton on Saturday night and a visit to the museum on Sunday morning! The kids had a great time asking questions, looking at airplanes and helicopters and sitting in the cockpits as well! I had a chance to share my enthusiasm about flying with them and they learned a bit about their heritage too as I was able them aircraft I had flown!

The museum staff was friendly, helpful and it is open from 9 till 5 daily and it is free! It is closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and New Years but ready for your visit at any other time! Did I say it was free! And has so many interesting displays to see that you could spend a full day and still have so much to see! We were limited due to the age of the kids and their attention span and shorter legs were ready to move on quicker than me. But they had the energy to stop at the gift shop for a quick memory purchase of “jets” as they called them!

Here is a link to the official website of the Air Force Museum! If you have a link or know of other service museums please comment and place the link with the blog so we can share your information with others as well!

We do plan to go back and as the guys and their younger cousins join them it will get to be even better! What a great opportunity and thank you to the staff who work hard to make this available to us!byColonel KonMonday, January 18, 2010Military Life:,

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