Thankful Thursday: A HOT LONG Shower

I got this email from my son’s preschool (I abbreviated names for purpose of OPSEC).  The ‘big school’ referenced is the main-school which is grades K-8.  My son is part of the preschool, which is ages 3 – 5…

This week in the “big school”, the students have been doing many different projects for Haiti. This has included hourly prayers, fasting and almsgiving. We would like the preschoolers to participate in a service project for Haiti as well, and we have found a project to help one of our own.

As many of you know, JM, Mrs M’s husband, is a member of the United States Coast Guard. His unit was activated and deployed to Haiti. He left for Florida last Wednesday where he prepared with his unit and then continued on to Haiti on Saturday. Since he has been there, he has called Mrs. M with several items that he needs while he is there. For example, the military is bathing out of buckets and he requested liquid Dial soap. Our thought is that if one member of the unit needs it, then all of them do.

We are putting a box for donations from his list of requests in the modular. Please keep an eye out as you are doing your regular shopping for these items. Once the box is full, we will ship the box to his unit in Haiti to be distributed among our military as they help out with the devastation to Haiti. Know that these items will be sent to directly to J and his coast guard unit and not through any type of agency. After each shipment, we will put a new box out. Hopefully we can keep care packages going over to our military while they are helping this country that has so much need.

Here are items that have been requested:
Gatorade packets to pour into water bottles
unscented baby wipes
laundry detergent sheets
protein bars
baby powder
chicken in a can (in the tuna section)
microwaveable macaroni and cheese, spaghettios, ravioli and beefaroni
dry snacks that will not melt (i.e. graham crackers)
hard candy
liquid Dial soap
Vicks Vap-O-Rub

I have asked J to continue to let us know as new things arise and I will post updates accordingly. As with all of our service projects, this is completely optional. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thank you!

How cool is that?!  I have heard so much about support & aid for the people of Haiti.  But I just LOVE that *C*’s school wants to support the service-member, far away from home without the amenities we so enjoy!  I’m struck with gratitude.

So the next time I step into my nice, hot-shower, and lather up with my favorite freesia smelling soap – I’ll think about our service-members – all around the world using BUCKETS to take a shower.

Thank you, J, for being a member of our proud US Coast Guard!  And thank you H.T. School for being a supporter of our military-members!

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