Valentine Freebies & Give-away for our Military Families

Tomorrow is the OFFICIAL drawing for a Sony eReader for our military families!  Enter today.  I received one last week and can I tell you how nice it is?!?!  I sat here in my comfy living room chair, logged onto my local-library’s website, downloaded four eBooks and was reading one of them on my e-reader within minutes.  So very cool!  Enter here:

Although it is too late to send a Valentines Message via Stars & Stripes print edition you can still submit one for online viewing.  Still very cool!  Read more here:

This morning I ran across another great deal!  Thank you to Army Wife Network for bringing this to my attention:  “Send a Free Military Sweetheart’s Photo Book for Valentine’s Day”  You do have to pay the FedEx shipping but still a great deal!  You could print it up for free, ship to you and then include it in a care-package to your deployed loved-one.  What a wonderful touch of home!  Deadline is February 13th.  Read more here:

Tonight Hubs and I are headed out for a Date Night.  Our 16 year-old is going to babysit his 2 younger brothers for just a few hours.  Believe it or not I think (or at least as far as I can remember) this is one of the first times he has had to watch them for more than 30 minutes.  But getting out as a couple is SO important … and going out to eat without having to entertain younger ones is such a blessing.  If you are in arms reach of your spouse don’t wait to Valentines weekend to woo your loved one… it should be an all year event.

Again a big thank you to all of those organizations that support our military-families!  Particularly, Borders, Stars & Stripes and LifePhoto.  It is nice to know when America supports the military family!

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