Revitalized, ‘Re-streamed’ and Re-energized

I have to admit… it’s been a long weekend.  It had been a LONG weekend as of Saturday morning.

Yesterday was a snow-day for my boys.  The first of the year for our school district.  Last year we didn’t have any…. and we do live in northern-Ohio.  So we do get snow!  But as my brother-in-law so eloquently put it … “More Learning … less Snow-Angels” is the school’s motto 😉

So I admit I was kind of excited for them to enjoy their day off on Friday…

BUT by 10am, Friday, I was ready to ship them off to Antarctica.

Anyone listening in might think that was the extent of my vocabulary.  The wrestling, the arguing, the constant need to be touching the other.  It was getting to me.

So today … as it continued I announced if they couldn’t behave I would find some jobs for them.  My 7 year old announced: “JOBS!  I love jobs!”  Who knew?!  (I do hope he keeps the attitude when he is 13 :).)

So that is what we did.  The 7 year old swept the kitchen floor and the 4 year old vacuummed the piles of dirt.  (And I am embarrased to say there were piles.)  They did it with a happy heart and all smiles!
The best part?  (Yes, even better then the de-dirtified-floor) The bickering, wrestling, touching, STOPPED!  Even when they were done.  It was as if the “jobs” re-streamed their energy.

Then because they did such a good job,  [Well, not really… Hubs and I had been planning it already but they don’t need to know that ;)]  we went sledding as a family.  Ah yes, I just KNOW Sunday is going to be a better day.  Revitalized, ‘Re-streamed’ and Re-energized!

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