Aggressive Drivers really get my goat …

I just got home from a great weekend at my brother’s house. He, his bride and his one-year old daughter live about 4 ½ hours away. It is a long drive but very doable; and in all actuality very close compared to how close we lived to family when I was growing up.

But as I was making our home, hubs reading a book in the passenger seat, boys all keeping themselves entertained in the back I got flashed for the THIRD time (and I’m talking the headlight variety of flashing, just to be clear).

NOW you might think, “Leanne, you shouldn’t be hanging out in the left hand lane.” But that is the most irksome part! I DON’T! I am a very conscientious lane changer and in fact spend 75% of my time in the FAR right lane … 2-lane highway, 3-lane highway, 4-lane highway; I try and stick to the far-right lane to allow traffic to flow. I almost drive hubs crazy, as I move over to pass cars and then back to right lane. He feels like I am swerving in and out traffic. But is it really SO hard to change lanes?! Ya, I didn’t think so. In fact, it helps me stay very aware of where cars are; in front of me, beside me, coming up behind me.

So if I’m passing a car and you happen to be going faster then I am SLOW DOWN for a couple of seconds and I’ll move out of your way! Don’t flash your lights at me because that only irks me … and since I’m a cruise control buff I won’t slow down because of those flashing daggers – like it really makes me WANT to do (insert devilish look of evil).  However, it certainly is not going to make me speed up like you want me to do. Usually, I’m going 4 to 9 MPH over the speed limit so I’m not going to take a greater risk of a speeding ticket because of your impatience!

What has made us such aggressive drivers; drivers with no consideration for others? What makes everyone think that their time is worth so much more than anyone else’s? I’ll be the first to admit I get VERY frustrated with cars that just hang out in the left lane – even the center lanes to a much lesser degree when traffic is backing up behind them. But if someone is CLEARLY passing another car, although going slower then I am, I’m not going to pretend to come ramming up your rear and flashing my lights at you like I’m throwing daggers your way!

Sometimes I’m just dumbfounded by the inconsideration of others.  Especially when we get behind the wheel.  We can act like we are indestructible, ready to take on the world.  Just remember… we aren’t!  And those other drivers? Well… they are people, too!  To those three drivers: use a little consideration next time you are behind the wheel and we’ll all make it home, safer and happier.

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