Calgon Take Me Away

Today was kindergarten-screening for *C*.  I started off the morning with the thought that my ‘baby’ would be entering kindergarten in the Fall just as the newest member of our family, Baby Boy, would be entering the world.  *C* is going go to lose his ‘baby-status’ in so many ways… This of course brought tears to my pregnancy-hormone-filled-eyes.  Sigh…

That is just one of those pregnancy moment … it isn’t where the Calgon comes into play.

In typical Leanne-fashion I procrastinated.  I knew where all the documentation for *C’s* screening was.  SS card and birth certificate locked-up in our firebox, proof of residency in the office-filing cabinets, report from preschool teacher in his school folder in the kitchen.  Yep – would take me 5 minutes to round it all up.

An hour before we were supposed to be at the school I opened up the firebox to discover the birth-certificate was AWOL.  So I went into panic mode.  I searched the home-office… nope… I looked in the lock-box /a few times/… nope… I searched kitchen drawers … nope.  I still don’t have an answer.  At the screening I had to hang my head in shame and say it was missing and I would get a new one ASAP.  After much tsk-tsking from the secretary I think I made it apparent I KNEW it was important.  Sigh…

So *C* was in one room talking to different teachers: assessing shapes, alphabet, rhyming, typical pre-k type of stuff.  I’m in another filling out paper-work out the ying-yang.  Then comes the page, “Please remit a check for $X amount TODAY for all-day kindergarten.”  (Yes, our school district requires a hefty amount of money – like over $1k, sickening – for full-day kindergarten, half-day is free.)  I didn’t bring the check-book.  So once again … I had to hang my head to tell the gals I don’t have a checkbook.  She told me I had enough time to run home and get it.  So I ZOOMED home.  Grabbed the checkbook.  ZOOMED back to the school where *C* still was.  All the while berating myself for forgetting.

So there is two strikes.  1) Birth Certificate and 2) Checkbook.

Here comes Strike 3.

Every Monday I pick *E* and our neighbor up from school.  They are one of the last stops on the bus-route (and yet one of the first in the morning! Go figure.)  I do Monday pick ups and my neighbor does Thursdays.  It’s just our way of letting the kids have an extra 30 to 40 minutes in the afternoon two days a week.  Usually, I leave here around 3:20pm, get there around 3:25, and the doors open at 3:35.  I HATE being late for ANYTHING. At 3:33, as I sat on my comfy couch, working away, *C* playing on the wii, I realized I needed to pick up the kids today.  Ya, that did wonders for my blood-pressure…

So we ZOOMED.  Arriving at the school around 3:40.   (Parents that aren’t there by 3:45 are called to the office and have to pay for an hour of latchkey.)   We made it by the skin of our teeth.  As I peeked my head around the corner I saw my *E* standing REAL close to our neighbor-friend, lower lip trembling.  But he held strong and was glad to see me.

SO… I think I’m going to call this day quits.  I suppose I will have to make dinner.  Then I am going to find the bathtub, a good magazine and forget today.    Tomorrow will be brand new, right!? 🙂  AMEN!

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