“Happy Birthday” to our military-family blog, ‘Our Letters to You’!

The last few weeks I have been enjoying reading blogs that I wrote a year or two years ago and seeing where I have grown, what has changed, where life has taken me. I’ve even been sharing them ‘again’ on Twitter and Facebook, figuring they may be ‘new to you’, and sometimes life lessons are refreshing to read about again. 

As I was glancing through this morning I noticed that three-years ago TODAY, March 5th, 2007, I wrote: “A Quick 6 Hour Drive“.  The inaugural blog post here on!  Back then I had a one year old, 4 year old, and 13 year old.  At the time I had NO idea my husband would deploy with the Ohio Army National Guard to Iraq… and return safe and sound a year later.  I couldn’t begin to imagine where this blog was going to take us.  Wow!  Time sure does fly when we are having fun 🙂

In the past three years the Military-Blogging Team has grown!  Otherwise, you might get mighty sick of hearing about my dear little angels … or hellions, depending on the day.

When you talk about an array of materials … we’ve got you covered, no doubt about it!

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to “Our Letters to You”, just a small, yet fruitful, piece of the pie!  (Insert whistle noises and ‘Hip Hip Hoorays’ from the crowd)!  Here is to 3 MORE years… and then MANY more after that 🙂 … (Wow, I’ll have a 2 year old, 7, 10 and 19 year old at our next 3-year anniversary, Oh Boy…!)    

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