A Minute out of the Norm: St Patrick’s Day Shamrocks

I have to admit it… I have the perfect kitchen door.  It is a sliding glass door that catches the morning sun, brings about afternoon shade and a perfect view of the evening stars.  I am a light-person.  I crave sun-shine.  I LOVE a warm sunbeam.  Winter can be long and hard on me, especially in cloudy, wintry northern-Ohio.

But back to that perfect kitchen door.  It is a great spot to hang hand-made seasonal decor.  We’ve hung painted-Easter egg crafts; Valentine Hearts; a cut-out snowflake or two; even some summer home-made flowers.  If there is a decoration that can be made out of paper, made by a preschooler or grade-schooler … we have probably hung it on this door, if only for a week maybe two.  Just a perfect touch to make my kitchen that much more of a feeling of family!

*E*, my first-grader, came home from school with a craft he had done, a very cute St Patrick’s Day Shamrock.  I decided to replicate the project with *C*, my 4 year-old, for a little bit of early-March fun around the kitchen table.

  • Start out with a shamrock, cut out of white paper.  I used *E*’s from school as a pattern; but here is a pattern you can use.
  • Rip up some green papers into 2-inch squares (roughly), different colors, different patterns, whatever you have around the house.  *C* had some fun helping me do this ripping;
  • Put glue all over the cut out shamrock.  A glue stick worked really well for this;
  • Then put the cut out papers all over the shamrock, covering the glue.  This kind of gives the ‘stained-glass window effect.

  • Don’t forget to encourage the kids to add their own special touches. I have a set of 4 little monster stamps and *C* really enjoyed putting those all over his completed shamrock.
  • Then hang your shamrocks proudly 🙂  They may not be ‘museum’ quality but they are family quality!  And isn’t that what the kitchen is all about?!

I hope you can take the time in this hustle and bustle world to spend ‘a minute or two’ out of the norm with your kids this week!

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