Thankful Thursday: Mutual Friends

Last night was ‘Small Group’. Our church has called it many things over the years, K-Group, Home-Group, etc etc… I am partial to Small Group.¬† A small group of friends that didn’t start out as friends, but as strangers that have grown to care about one another and a desire¬†to be with each other.

I’ve written about this wonderful group of people before. (Small Group: The Joys of Entertaining) We are all ages. Hubs and I the youngest; the oldest … I’d venture in their 50s. I’m pregnant with baby #3. Some of them are empty-nesters wondering when they will be grandparents. A few of them grew up in the same town, still live in the same city they went to kindergarten in. Me?! Well we know my story. Air Force Brat through and through.

But we all have one sure thing in common. A need for ‘daily-bread’. A need for fellowship. A need for someone to say ‘How are you doing this week?’
I admit last night was crazy and would have been so easy to say … sorry we are going to have to skip Small-Group tonight. Hubs has been working /crazy busy/ hours. Soccer season has begun, and therefore soccer-practices in the evening. We had to eat dinner at 4:30pm last night just to fit everything in. But nothing was going to stop us from making it over to the home of friends for time to just ‘veg’.

What do you do to meet your quota of adult-interaction, time with friends, uplifting fellowship? ‘Small-Group’ is great because this is a group of friends for *both* Hubs and I. We have our own circles, too. But knowing that this group genuinely cares about both of us (and our children) is a major bonus!

I’d encourage you to get out there and find a group to fellowship with; through church, neighbors, or even something like a hometown softball-league. Friendship can encourage you to grow as a couple and grow as a person! It can remind you what is important, not work, not running around with your head-chopped off, but time with people, people who care.

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