Down and Dreary … What is your message?

It is a rainy, cold, dark day here in northeast Ohio. I was just scanning my friends’ feed on Facebook and couldn’t help but chuckle a little bit about how irritated most people were this morning. People are just feeling a little down… lacking motivation… ready to throw in the towel… at 10am! Isn’t it a little humorous what the weather does to our mood?! (I know it sure affects mine.)

The other thought I had was, most of these friends doing all this grumbling are usually pretty positive. Do you surround yourself with positive people?! I think it is very important to (a) be positive and (b) surround yourself with those that are.

I’m not saying I’m /always/ positive! I’m not. After my little sparrow incident a couple weekends ago my personal-Facebook status was something to the effect of: “Murphy’s law … Hubs has a Drill weekend – something /major/ happens… this time it involves a bird and an unvented range fan. Dear Homebuilder … you suck!”

My sister-in-law immediately picked up on it though and mentioned that I must have been really mad. Yep, I suppose choosing the ‘right words’ when appropriate leaves quite a message. If everything, everyday “sucked” then how do you convey when something really does?!

Although I find it very important to vent – I also think venting isn’t always telling all of our friends your troubles, all the time! That can wear your friends down. I think a better vent at times is a run around the block, a bike ride to a park, curling up with a favorite book, a cup of coffee with a dollop of whip-cream, telling the kids to head outside for a Nature Walk with you. Do something to take your mind off your troubles and burn steam, not necessarily put all of your troubles on your friends. Friends are great, in real life and on Facebook, but you may find you lose them if are a constant wet-rag, bearer of bad news or just down right Grumpy (You know Sneezy, Sleepy, Dopey, Doc, Happy, Bashful and … Grumpy).

Look for some positive in your day today. Spread a rainbow on an otherwise gloomy day. 🙂 Your friends may just need it!

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