Memorial Day Parade 2010 a Middleville Moment

I could not be prouder! I love my country! I love my little town! I LOVE my family. Memorial Day brought the best of the best together and our celebration taught this patriot lady a new lesson on smiling. It’s a good thing to do. It is even better to look around and see others smiling and bursting with pride.
I love that we commemorate and recognize the dedication, camaraderie and sacrifice of our God protected military. Many were not allowed to see the end of conflicts, many were not brought home, that does not mean they were and are not protected. In God We Trust hangs on our hearts. The outcome of conflict is in His hands, therefore it is protected, cherished and worthy of honor.
I have such respect for photojournalists who can see a moment, and capture it on film. As a float seated with veterans of the Korean war motored past us, Dale and I stood up. These soldiers and sailors were strong, proud gentleman and they stood up too and returned the salute that Dale gave to them. What an honor to capture that moment in my mind. My camera however was by my side as I clapped and was washed in awe. (I totally missed the photo op!)

I hope you will enjoy the photos of our small, country town as they dedicated time and value to today: Memorial Day 2010. Each town represents the best that the United States has to offer our future generations! Keep them safe. Keep them proud! Amen.

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