Patriotism and My Community

I live in a great community! I have been here for about 9 years… (WOW! That’s a lot for this Air Force Brat.) I brought a newborn baby home to this same house that I am in now, 7 1/2 years ago. Over the past few years there have been rumors; hubs has seriously considered going Active Duty, or there have been job opportunities in other areas of the state (multiple times). With each rumble of moving I have been excited (You can take me out of the military-community, but you can’t take the ‘Brat’ out of me) but then a bit forlorn as I just /love/ our little slice of ‘Hometown America’.  We don’t live near a major military installation which has its own challenges, especially when Hubs was deployed. We are one of the only National Guard families in the entire school-district. I’ve gotten to speak to the community and to the classroom about the military way of life. Somehow I am the poster-child of the military-spouse around here… and I know I am anything but!

Last night we had the pleasure of watching my 7 year-old’s ‘Spring Concert’. 30 minutes. Short and sweet. We sat in the high-school auditorium waiting for the concert to begin longer then the actual concert was. But here is the really cool thing to me! The kids opened the concert with the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’, our National Anthem, and the whole auditorium stood. My husband stood at very straight attention, my youngest complained that he couldn’t really see, and I just took it all in. Your quintessential American-community, here to enjoy a 1st grade concert. But that was only the beginning.

They sang four ‘sets’ of songs. Their first set?

“Patriotic Salute”: America the Beautiful, My Country ’tis of Thee, and God Bless America
Do you know how many schools would not even think of singing these songs in the fear of ‘offending someone’? Yet, there they are singing their hearts out! I was so proud of them all. Thank you, Mr. MacMaster, for doing such a wonderful job with the kids last night and all the practice that went into it. You made this Army wife, Air Force Brat and mother of a future generation of Americans very proud!

– Leanne from

PS: Try not to be critical… some of the kids that can’t seem to stand still in the video have some serious special-needs. They did a great job for standing there as long as they did.byLeanneonWednesday, May 19, 2010Military Life:,,

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