What a journey!

Today is *C*’s last day of preschool! Wow. For five years now I have been bringing a young ‘en to “HT Preschool” in the morning and picking him up a few hours later. For five years I have heard about what the class learned, did, made them laugh, songs they sang, computer games they played, what they did on the playground. I learned all this as we drove home, his little mouth chattering away in my rear-view mirror.

*E*, 7 years old now, was the school’s inaugural preschool class. He was almost three when the doors to the preschool opened. *C*, now 5, was still a baby in a baby seat when *E* entered the three-year old classroom.  *E* had three great years in the preschool, because of a September birthday and an August 1st birthday requirement to enter kindergarten. As soon as *E* graduated it was time for *C* to start. The school was a little more popular, classes more full, each of the teachers had an aid. Since *C* had an April birthday he only had two-years in the school before being “kindergarten-eligible”. But he is now certainly kindergarten-ready … I’m just not sure I’m ready.

I feel like this journey started just yesterday:

*C*, my 3 year old, had his first day of preschool yesterday afternoon. He shed not ONE tear when I left his classroom. He gave me a big “wave” and a huge “I LOVE YOU, MOMMY.” Oh what a sweet breath of fresh-air for my soul. It can be hard being a temporary single-mom. We all miss Dad more then ANYONE can imagine. But my boys have, indirectly, helped me realize that I am doing a good job despite the circumstances. – Sitting Back and Taking a Deep Breath

Oh and while we are reminiscing… who said *E* was allowed to be a soon to be 2nd grader? I guess I took this same journey down memory lane two years ago as he had HIS last day of preschool.

I’m not ready to give up my preschooler! Who gave him permission to grow older? Who gave the preschool teachers permission to help him make this right of passage? How can a mother be so thrilled to see him thrive, yet at the same time lament the fact that he is growing up? – A Preschool Milestone

This momma has a hard time letting go, yet LOVES to see them flutter their wings and get ready for the world in front of them. Talk about a conflict of emotion!

Oh my little boys, I love watching them grow, I just feel a little sad that it happens so quickly. I pray that their futures are directly impacted for the best by the things they learn today, the love they are shown, the care they are given. Before we know it they will be 20… UGH!

Oh, yes, and BabyBoy will be here in August… so there will be another journey down “preschool-road” … but we have a few years till we get there 🙂 Phew…

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