Summer Vacation!

Summer has begun in northern-Ohio; not according to the ‘official’ calendar but according to the School Calendar!

What we plan on doing this summer?

  1. Summer Jobs! (A staple to my sanity)
  2. A week at ‘Camp Grandpa’ for *E* and *C*
  3. Hours and hours in our backyard pool. We bought our pool over Memorial Day weekend and the boys have used it EVERY DAY besides yesterday when the temperature outside didn’t get over 70. Oh we LOVE swimming and splashing!
  4. Dinners on the deck as a family
  5. Picnic-Lunches with neighbor-friends
  6. Trips to the Zoo. We love having Zoo Passes
  7. Evenings with friends; wine, appetizers and bbqs; oh and DESSERT! Yum! (I’m not doing the wine part this summer but I’ll savor the thought for NEXT summer.)
  8. Sparklers in the backyard with neighbors… late nights and friends are a pleasure!
  9. Tie-Dying T-Shirts. I bought all the supplies this last weekend. I’m sure this little project will have it’s own blog-post when we are done.
  10. Finding rocks and other fun things for our Rock Tumbler and then tumbling away to some sort of ‘final project’.
  11. Youth Baseball and T-Ball games: my favorite sport to watch!
  12. Reading: My 7 year-older enjoys reading and I want to keep the momentum rolling forward so we will find time for books (and even some workbook sheets for their age)
  13. Random Science Experiments that sometimes start without even trying. All kinds of opportunities to learn out there!
  14. Icecream cones at Whistlers and Dairy Treat
  15. Enjoying our garden. This year we are growing lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, carrots and cucumbers. It’s a lot of work but WELL worth it! The boys love things going from seed to their mouth. It makes eating nutritionally that much easier.
  16. Afternoons at Lake Erie. Sand, Sun and Fun!
  17. Oh and having a baby at the end of July! We can’t wait to meet our new BabyBoy.

So there is no major vacation planned this year, like Disney World last year, but we are still going to have FUN! I love Summer, even as an adult. I can live vicariously through my children and enjoy their smiles, laughter and excitement.

Let the fun begin!

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