Emotions Run Amuck

Wow, my middle-child started kindergarten this week. Oh dear, sweet *C*. He went from the ‘baby’ of the family to the middle-child this month after his baby-brother, *L*, was born… and now he is a big kindergartner, getting on the bus and out of my view for 8 hours each day. My emotions have run amuck!

*C* lives in a dream world. I’m not sure if it is the age or the personality but the phrase “Stay on Task” echoes through our house when there are things to be done. It is easy to find him in another part of the house, doing something unrelated to what needs to be happening, after asking him to get his shoes one, help set the table, find soccer clothes… etc etc. Sometimes, if the TV is on, or Legos are being turned into other worlds he has to be spoken to a few times to turn his attention to the speaker. Until he makes eye-contact I really don’t think he hears me.

I love him. I love how very different he is then his older brothers, *J* and *E*. I often wonder how this “dream world personality” will influence who he is over the years. Will he out grow it? Will it make him more of a dreamer then his brother *E*, who lives by the rules (classic-first child personality … his older brother *J* is about 9 years older so in many ways *E* is a first child too). I worry about *C*’s ability to stay on task while in school now. I want him to WOW his teachers. I want them to love him for who he is. So we’ll see how this year plays out. Maybe kindergarten will do wonders and with a class room full of 5- and 6-year olders he will take the next step to growing-up; listening, learning, loving the routine.

In the mean time *C*’s wings are spreading. I was so very ready for the school year to start… but as I put him on the bus on Monday, my heart-dropped. He was SO ready! So Very Excited to be getting on the bus and starting a new chapter in life. The bus driver had to call him back so that this momma could get a picture. I hope this enthusiasm remains for years and years to come.

I’m not necessarily ready for him to grow up. Kindergarten now, what’s next? Middle School? College? I am watching time zoom by with his older brothers … So I know what is in store. Maybe it is time for me to sit down, play with legos, and enter his imaginary world for a few moments, before it is gone.

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