Making Your Vote Count

I hate watching the evening-news this time of year.

I love keeping up with current events, so at 10 o’clock every night the TV is switched on. However, it is the commercials that get me hot-and-bothered from late September through early November. Politician upon politician telling me not WHY I should vote for them but WHY I should NOT vote for their opponent.

The Mud Slinging. The Slander. The Poor Sportsmanship.
It is not in my nature! I don’t like to talk bad about people. I don’t like to hear others talking badly about another. I would rather hear what they are about then what they are /not/.

Since I want to make an informed decision on election day I googled ‘elections’ along with the name of my county which helped me find a non-partisan web site that lists all the folks that are running in my county and state. I will take the time to inform myself. I will make an educated decision. It may seem early but I’d rather know now what folks stand for so that I can officially tune-out the political mumbo-jumbo on TV during the dreaded news hour.

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On another related-note, I would encourage you to visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program website if you are registered to vote absentee. They have a whole section devoted to the US Military and their families. You can request an absentee ballot (not sure but it might be a little late to do that for this election in November), get your ballot, and even track your ballot. Just click on the link for the US Military. This is great reassurance that your vote counts! (They are on Facebook too if you want to stay informed:

We have some wonderful freedoms as Americans. Freedoms that *our* soldier, sailors, airmen, marines and coast guard defend every day! Educate yourself and when the time comes get out there and vote! Ensure that their hard work counts!

– Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.combyLeanne KocsisonTuesday, September 28, 2010Military Life:,

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