Points of View

I love art. I love the reasons for art… could be world history, could be sensory perception, could be hormones! I’m open. I hear about a subject and I can somehow see a thread of art history gleaming in and being woven into the fabric of the story. Life’s lesson is coming in through the ear, and yet my eye goes into a Rapunzel’s spinning wheel working overtime… coming up with the golden thread and is very pleasing to me at least!
Yet my good friend Pam,sitting right next to me, gets lost… glassy eyed when I start recounting with joy what I think… I can tell the posture slumps, the head nods and the eyes are gone. She’s out! Or at least she is in her head thinking of tonight’s supper, or a new color for her nails. And yes, we are such good friends: able to laugh at each other and come back for more. It’s just a different view on a point’s purpose.
We are in the study of the book of Esther. Now to me… this is so rich in history. So much here right in the beginning that I have to be shoved along to get to the next chapter. King Xerxes is ruler of the land from India to Cush… my goodness. That is a stretch of acreage. The diverse cultures: diverse thoughts on what is pleasing to the eye… art pieces in palaces, provinces, nobles quarters all available to Xerxes at his whim. The mixing of tastes, the opportunity for university study! Techniques, textiles, and the like… all coming together for others to experience. Hello! This is rich!
Others caught on to the people, their portion in life, their predicament and reactions. And I am certain that is the meat of the matter… and they can open that for me. How great it is to get together with friends, share insights and grow.
I was not a history student in any of my schooling… just take a view of my transcripts… but that was then. That which I considered to be oh so important, gave me direction: now new things charm and excite the brain waves.

Have a point of view… have a view… take a look. Grab a book, a few friends and get together. You just might be amazed at the things you find interesting. Communication with others is a true basic need that we have. Books are great avenues.
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