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I am a 100%, through and through, Brat.  My dad joined the Air Force right out of college around 1971 and retired 30 years later, in 2002.  I was born at Nellis AFB, Nevada where the Lt and Mrs (aka Dad and Mom) brought their brand-new baby home to Indian Springs, Nevada (which is now Creech AFB, NV).  I started Kindergarten at Howard AFB, Panama … made a “few” more moves (six more to be precise) before finally graduating high school at Keflavik NAS, Iceland.

I have friends all over the world.  Friends from elementary school, junior high, high school that I can’t help but wonder, “Where they are now?”  I have had the pleasure of reconnecting with quite a few thanks to modern social-outlets like Facebook.  I love looking at pictures from my best-friend from 1st through 4th grade with her beautiful-triplets born last year.  I love daily interactions with friends from high-school.  We all once lived on ‘the Rock’ (aka Iceland) and are now spread-out across the world.  We all have new joys and struggles, some we can empathize with, some we can only say ‘I’m here for you’ or ‘Good for you!’.

Facebook is a /wonderful/ reconnection tool for those of us that wonder ‘what ever happened to … ‘.

So I am tickled with USAA’s new application, BratConnect!  It is in Beta still but it is such a cool way to find more folks that I lost touch with over the years.

“BratConnect lets you reconnect and stay in touch with fellow military brats. Search for friends by name, military installations where you lived and by when you lived there.”

It has a very comprehensive list of military-installations and a very easy tool to suggest new installations the developers may have missed.  I added all of the bases we have called home, along with the years we were there.  Now I can easily see who else has been at that base and look for familiar faces or names from years gone by.  I can’t wait to watch this network grow!  How wonderful it will be to connect with other-brats, friends of years gone by, peers that I had all but forgotten about.

If you are a ‘Brat’ head over to Facebook and learn more:  What a fun way to spend a few moments with the potential to reconnect with lifelong friends!

– Leanne from

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