Finding Scholarships

We have 3 adult children, who married 3 adults – all attended colleges – all accumulated debt. When added up, there are 8 degrees and one more on the way.

Degrees are worth every penny though!

And every penny that you can get in scholarship is FANTASTIC.

I went online looking for scholarships and was amazed at the massive amount of information out there. I found a great website that brought the search down to the reasonable: Scholarship Help & Advice.

The internet saves time by having an ocean of information available at your fingertips, websites that have been set up to help students and parents get a financial reward can be a bit overwhelming to say the least! Be aware that you can spend money on searches with no results.

Be selective in your search; enter facts about yourself, what are your interest, hobby or types of community service into the search box. Give it a try. I typed in “Spouse Scholarship” and came up with 637 entries. Military Child Scholarship has 1,930,000 (I’m thinking there are a few blog entries that are in that number!) DoD Scholarship had 943,000.

This whole search for your scholarship might just be defined by the school that you are planning on attending. Their grants are financial assistance that can bring on the smiles – if they know you want them.

Bring that search closer to home. Installation organizations have scholarships. Is there a thrift shop on your installation? The proceeds from this facility go 100% to scholarship funds. Apply. The deadlines are stringent, the process clean and clear. All awards are given locally. You can thank your OWC, ESC or OSA, ESA or whatever the spouse groups call themselves at your location. Don’t limit yourself to that one; other organizations on your installation are there for you too.

I believe every High School student should get assistance from their guidance counselor and/or English teacher. Your essay displays your personality, the resume holds the facts. Do not pay to have someone write your story – that picture is not you, and might not holdup to the facts you have provided. Are you well out of school? Then find a coach who can edit your essay and allow you to feel comfortable with your writing.

Many times the financial help you receive will be in the form of a repayment. We did it that way, 8 times! We had scholastic scholarships also. But the bulk was financial aid. It helped. And as I said before: Degrees are worth every penny.

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