Tasty Tuesday: Italian Sausage and Mixed Peppers

The garden has been gleaned… cleaned and is sitting rather stark out there. However, my counter top and refrigerator drawers are full of red and green: Peppers galore. The bell peppers had a bumper crop. I thought they were taking over west Michigan! Jalapenos, banana and Hungarian wax went wild too… There was no way that I would allow them to go fallow in the field. So in they came.
Jalapenos seem to grow fire glands when nestled in the refrigerator, therefore they are sitting in baskets on the counter top. Greens and reds in brown woven squares. Sweet!
But looks are not everything in this world, I think every mother has told their child that a time or too! So, peppers, it is time for action once again.
Teaming Sweet Italian bulk sausage with the peppers is traditionally served with fried potatoes. It was just too much frying for my palate last night. (Our local grocer has a ‘man’ who makes his own sausage and sells it in the meat department. I didn’t think anything could top his chorizo, but this comes right in there with it!) So, hasta la pasta! Bring it on. Ruffles were the same size as the chucks of meat, and the cut up pieces of pepper. Topped with Parmesan cheese, this dish did the disappearing act while Dale I and were lost in conversation. Oh so good!
Italian Sausage and Mixed Peppers
Serves 2
1/2 pound bulk Italian Sausage
3 mild jalapeno peppers
2 hot jalapeno peppers
3 sweet banana peppers
1 Hungarian wax pepper
1/4 c green bell pepper
1/4 c red bell pepper
1T fresh parsley
Parmesan cheese for the table.

Saute bulk sausage and break it up into chunks as it fries. Remove meat from pan, pour off 1/2 fat. Put pan back on medium high burner and saute peppers and parsley until edges start to brown. If necessary, and the pan seems to be getting dry, add a little olive oil. Do not let peppers burn. Saute for 12 minutes, add the sausage. Saute together 7 more minutes.
Serve over ruffles pasta and have Parmesan available to sprinkle on top. I think you will enjoy the mix of the peppers and the sweet of the meat.byDeborahonTuesday, November 02, 2010Military Life:,,

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