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Ahh Military Life …. FULL of questions…

• What is housing like here?
• Where are the best school there?
• What is your experience with living over there?
• Where do I need to go to get this done?
• Where can I find the best coffee… fine dining… theater… on the other side of the gate?

All questions that a little bit of help from your military- & community-family can get you on the right track.

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A community-member wondering what it takes to get a job on base brought on this support, conversation and exchange: “I’m a civilian who is trying to get a job at Kingsbay. I’m 59 and I’ve applied for a couple of jobs there. Every job wants you to have some experience and doesn’t seem to want to train anyone. I was with Bell South for over 30 years and that’s my experience. I’m willing to do any kind of work but I know that I would need training for some of the jobs.” …

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