Looking Back

I have a full checklist of things that need to get done this morning but as I was doing a bit of research I ran across an old blog-post that took me back: Holding up the Fort. I wrote this two years ago right after Hubs returned to Iraq from R&R. You can go ahead and read it I’ll wait right here… 🙂

Isn’t it fun to look back? Relive? Revisit? The kindergartener in “Holding up the Fort” is now a 2nd grader. My preschooler from a few years ago is enjoying his own Dr Seuss week with his kindergarten class! This morning he proudly got on the bus with Flowers, his stuffed dog, and “My Many Colored Days“, a favorite Seuss book here at the Kocsis Household. They grow up quick!

On my to-do list for this evening is to pack up BabyBoy *L*’s 3 to 6 month old clothes. He’s getting bigger too. I just hope he isn’t getting on the bus tomorrow with his favorite stuffed animal and Dr Seuss book as well.

Happy Birthday, Dr Seuss! Thanks for helping to make learning fun.

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