Military Saves Week: Use that Thermos!

A big congratulations to Roxie Curtis. She was our winner in our Penny Saved. Penny Earned. Contest. We had a lot of GREAT ideas and I can’t wait to highlight a few of them! Roxie’s was a true winner in my book:

Pack healthy snacks and drinks for the little ones in reusable containers and bpa free drink bottles. There’s nothing like hungry kids in the car to make you spend a lot of money for unhealthy, greasy drive-thru fast food out of desperation! Good for the environment, good for your kids, good for your wallet. 🙂

Sometimes you have to make an investment to save. We have invested in a few things that with use have paid for themselves ten-fold. A yogurt maker, a dehydrator and Thermoses for the kids’ lunches.

A box of chocolate milk, a Caprisun or other juice box, a Sunny D in a one-serving container. All cost more than a quarter a serving. This adds up. Multiplied at least 5 times and then the number of school kids and you are spending more than you need to. My $10 Thermoses bought over a year ago have paid for themselves many times. The boys can enjoy cold milk, homemade lemonade or just ice water if they choose. Lots of great, healthy choices can fit in their lunch box this way for pennies on the dollar.

Sometimes cutting costs is just pennies a day. But they add up! Military Saves week is a great initiative that gets us all thinking about our future and financial readiness!

Tomorrow is Tasty Tuesday! Watch for my continuation of Roxie’s idea about healthy snacks for in the car.

– Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.combyLeanne KocsisonMonday, February 21, 2011Military Life:,,,

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