Teen Time

Can you go back in time… in your head to revisit being a teen? Oh the world was not friendly. It is not that it was hard, scary or compressing or even too demanding. It was expanding, about as fast as the body does.

That time before high school graduation is a time of growth. The tallest in the class… guy or girl or the shortest; the quietest person in the class, in the back of the classroom or the chattiest in the front row; allows a persona to develop all based on the physical. All out of the control of the teen.
Out of control… it rather describes what is in the forefront of a teen’s mind. This all came to me as I am congratulating a niece
who is engaged… out of high school and ready for the world. Another niece contemplating where to go to college, and her sister comfortable playing with much younger cousins yet wanting to be sophisticated.
School teaches teens to be tested. Curriculum is set up to see what goes in the head and excites the brain. The perfect translation occurs with friends and family. What excites the brain? What is worthy of that precious growing, impressionable brain. Adults, parents, aunts/uncles, neighbors and friends need to safe guard the teenage responses. It is everyman’s responsibility to care, regard as worthy young peoples place in our lives.
Our mind can travel back to those times. Step up and be an advocate, a friendly source of inspritation, a teacher to teens in your life. You might not see the fruit of your labor. And that is not the point. You will be part of the backbone of strength and security as to how a teen vews the world. And it is a wonderful world!byDeborahonMonday, February 07, 2011Military Life:,

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