The Government Shutdown and your Paycheck

Anxiety … it is never fun!

We have a lot we can be anxious for: children’s needs, spouse’s safety, future plans, family finances, the list is endless…

I’m sensing a lot of anxiety about the possibility of a government shut down and then ultimately the fate of the military-paycheck come mid-May. Spouses are worried how the bills are going to be paid. Service-members are wondering how they are going to meet the needs of their families. Both are a bundle of unhealthy, preventable anxiety.

Terry Howell at Military Advantage did a great post that you should checkout. I think it will relieve some of your stress over the May paychecks: Does Shutdown Mean No Pay for Military?

All of the posts from military-families have me a bit concerned about how we are saving. Posts on Facebook and blogs, Twitter and emails: How am I going to pay our mortgage?, How am I going to feed my children?, What are we going to do about bills and credit card payments that are due … Legitimate concerns! but a stark reminder that we need to listen to the industry-experts and follow up by saving money for a very rainy day such as this.

If you have a savings account that has three-months of expenses you can pat-yourself on the back and I bet this ‘Government Shutdown’ doesn’t have you nearly as concerned. If this is making you realize that you DO need to start your rainy-day fund then, “Congratulations!” I am glad to hear something good is coming out of a bad situation. If you aren’t sure how to fund that savings account read through some of these articles:

Penny Pinching: Here are 6 easy ideas to start saving money in your rainy-day fund. You might not want to do all of them but they should get you thinking about what you can do! “Penny-pinching … Don’t think of it has a burden. Think of it as a challenge! Some people are natural budgeters others of us find it a major stretch. Stretching the value of a dollar is important in this day and age.”

Savings Tips: “On average, Americans spend two percent more than they make and save nothing. Each dollar of debt you have today equals $1,000 at retirement according to Military Saves. Here are some tips help you build wealth and not debt:” …

Tips for Managing Your Money: This easy to ready article from USAA points out some simple steps for budgeting, managing, investing and ultimately succeeding.

Lastly, be sure to browse through our Money and the Military” Resource Center. We have a wide variety of articles that may help you get on the road to successful-saving.

We have enough on our mind as military-families. Living one-paycheck to the next should not be one of those concerns. Make a budget, set a goal, find ways to relieve your own anxieties about your families future needs!

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