Help Your Child Feel Healthy!

The American Heart Association recommends that children and teenagers get at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day.

My kindergartner’s teacher mentioned to me that *C* is the most in-tune and capable of learning right after some rigorous activity.  She has witnessed first hand, in particular with him, how when he gets rid of pent up energy he is ready to sit down and stay on task. Occasionally, if all of the students are a bit hyper she has them do a few jumping jacks beside their desks. Then they sit back down and jump back into work.  It goes to show how in-sync our bodies are.  Even the brain craves motion, movement and activity!

In a survey by the American Obesity Association, 24% of parents said their children were less physically active than they were as children.

Are your children getting the exercise they need?

• Make it a goal to get outside with them: family walks, hikes, bicycle rides. • Park the car in the driveway and walk to the commissary, shoppette or your Exchange if you only need a few things. • Sign your children up for Youth Sports like soccer, baseball, softball, basketball. • Have one of their daily chores be to walk the dog after school, before they sit down for homework. • Plan a family vacation which includes hiking, canoeing, fishing, skiing. Show your kids how fun activity CAN be and then watch them blossom!

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