Life Lessons of a (ahem) 37 year old

Happy Birthday to me!  My five year old son asked me last night how old I was going to be and I told him 29.  He took it pretty seriously and wished me a happy 29th Birthday this morning.  He sure is good for my psyche.

I took the time to reflect on 37 things I have learned this past year.  Moments of reflection are so good!  They help me revisit the past and put it to purpose for the future:

  1. For a slow cooker to work you must plug it in. I’m sure this applies for other appliances as well.
  2. Baby Boys grow up way too quickly and become pre-pre-teens right before your very eyes: Eight years old, going on 16
  3. It’s not about ‘dieting’ it’s about lifestyle-changes.  Gestational Diabetes taught me this.
  4. It feels really good to pay for things in cash.  This past year I have been more conscious of carrying cash.  It is a great feeling to pay for something and not have to pay for it in the future; like worrying about a large credit card bill to pay each month.  It removes buyers remorse for me and keeps me from spending more than I have.
  5. Dancing to Colbie Caillat with my baby is one of the best exercises out there! (and quite a mental pick-me-up as well).
  6. Mothering doesn’t get easier but it sure does get more fun.
  7. God gives us what we can handle; nothing more, nothing less.  I could not handle twins… just saying.
  8. Sometimes, God has to whack-you upside the head for you to get-it; kind of like a Gibbs-slap.
  9. We have to find the best in what we have been given. Romantic dinners are necessary but a little bit of creativity can most certainly be in order.
  10. I love to celebrate LIFE!  Possibly the one reason I love my birthday.  We all need a day to call our own; to take the time to look and back and say, “Wow, this has been a blast!”
  11. Sunflowers look very lovely around my deck.  They have always been my favorite flower and I finally found the perfect place to plant them.
  12. Baby-Babble is one of the most beautiful noises in the world.
  13. I love my husband for who he is not for what I expect him to be.
  14. Sometimes others think I am “the expert”.  I shake my head and say, “No way. That’s not me”.  Perhaps, though, I am more knowledgeable than I think.
  15. I abhor gossip.  I like to know what is going on in my friends’ lives but don’t talk bad about others.  It just makes me think you will do the same to me when I’m not around.
  16. Cancer sucks.  Pure and Simple.
  17. Hair dye is my friend.  Who knew young folk like me turned gray so quickly…
  18. Impromptu time with friends is a wonderful way to spend the evening!
  19. I’ve learned I love to write.  I love it when research is involved. I love it when it is something that impacts my family.  If you had told me 10 – 15 – 20 years ago that writing would be part of “what I love to do” I most likely would have laughed in your face :).
  20. Even after 37 years I still have a major phone phobia.  It is the truth.
  21. There is nothing ‘political’ about going green.  I’m a pretty right-sided Republican and I have some pretty left-sided Democrat friends.  We all want what is best for our children.  We love our little suburban vegetable gardens.  We recycle, reuse and respect our God-given earth.  It has to do with our future not our politics.
  22. Not only is my hair changing color… it’s changing texture.  Mom didn’t tell about this part of getting older.
  23. Nieces and nephews are such a gift.  I have six and one more on the way in June.  My heart skips a beat when I get an Aunt Leanne hug!
  24. Loving four boys is the most rewarding job-title I have.
  25. His Eye is on the Sparrow … and me too!  I’ve always known this but sometimes God has to smack me up-side the head to remind me: May 1, 2010
  26.  Sometimes God smacks me upside the head, other times He whispers. That Still Small Voice
  27. There are fewer beautiful word then “I Love You, Mom” or “I Love You, Darling”
  28. Worry makes you unhealthy. Being proactive empowers you. 
  29. Putting a kindergartner on the bus for the first time is never easy.  Watching him get off the bus after his first day of school is exhilarating.
  30. I’ve learned there is no magic formula for time-management.  Just a lot of forethought… and checklists help.
  31. Deployment stinks; but so does 12 hour work days, 5 days a week, followed by a weekend in the field.
  32. I don’t care what the TV-hating experts say, Baby Mozart is my friend!
  33. Maybe – just maybe – I can cook.  I owe a lot of thanks to my mom for planting a seed and letting it grow in its own due time.
  34. I love baseball!  It embodies family time, summer and lots of cheering.  It is good for the soul.
  35. There is something about knowing *L* is always going to be our youngest that has made me stop and enjoy every single moment of baby-hood; from pregnancy through teething; from sleepless nights to belly laughs when his dad walks in the door.
  36. I can honestly say that my friendship with my dad has grown exponentially over the last couple of years. I hope that I have the same relationship with my boys when they are adults.
  37. My life could not be more richly rewarded with the love I have and the love I receive for my family!

What more, Life-Inspired Leanne-Inspiration 🙂 35 ‘Deep Thoughts’ to celebrate my 35 years

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