PCS: Charleston, SC Get Out Of the Gate!

I know of folks who live in gated communities. My immediate thought is a place set apart, a well cared for location, protected homes, secure families. Yes, I guess that is a military installation description! It is a wonderful way to live, however it can be confining. Life can get stagnant when it is all there at a short drive’s distance: work, school, commissary and Exchange. GET OUT!

You can do it! Drive toward that gate and adventure into town! MWR has a gazillion ideas for you to use. Remember. People actually travel to your new PCS for vacations, shopping and adventure… and lucky you! You get to live there. DISCOVER LIFE!
We left that life style, as we are retired from active duty. However, given any chance we wing it to military functions, installations, award ceremonies that flood us with memories, and cheer the heart! Going back, adding the spices of memories, photographs with younger faces, different neighbors, but always smiling with the new spirit of here and now.

Here we are revisiting a PCS from the past: Charleston Air Force Base, SC. Downtown Charleston is history, heritage and fun. Southerners take joy in this town! Cool temps still control the night, but come sunrise: come shorts weather!
We hit the streets last night as soon as we unpacked the car. Dinner in an old favorite restaurant and sites surrounding us. Beautiful! Palm trees, freshly mowed lawns, Magnolias with waxy leaves and funky looking pods, and sun. The parks with fountains, the wharf with swings. Life is deliciously slow paced and invites everyone to take it in… enjoy… feel the sunshine. I have to mention the sun as today it is shorts weather and all is well.

The beauty of a PSC is seeing life outside of the gate. Knowing that folks come here on vacation to see the sites. Whether it is Creech AFB, NV, Great Lakes Naval Station IL, or Fort Rucker AL; there is life outside of the gate. Go find it.

Charleston requires years to take it all in. Tea plantations, colleges, museums, beaches, bridge walks, restaurants, MWR rentals. The outdoors awaits. I am excited for you!
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