Disregarding Allergy: A Sweet Sensation

Allergies… disgusting.
Disgruntling: scratchy throat, drainage
Disparaging: headache
Disrespectful of our happiness!
But my goodness seems everyone has an allergy of some type, and at some time.
Our household has hay fever, pine pollen, and yucky moldy oak leaves. However, we LOVE being outside. So, will allergies stop us…. no way.
So on this Earth Day… it is time to get out and check out the garden for tiny spinach leaves or pea plants that should be poking out.
Time for Kleenex, hydration and hot drinks.
My elixir is coffee. I know… not the best for hydration, but oh how it soothes and gives me a bit of zip.

Dale cuddles his cup of tea. And today, for a change from the lemon and honey, a peppermint stick candy cane brought a smile. Better yet, a “Oh, that’s good!” came from a nasally voice.
Let’s go get the garden! Can’t stop fantasy farmers just by eyes and noses that are disturbed.
Got an allergy? Got a cure? We would love to hear them, but will have to take off the muddy boots, jacket and cap first… it is April, it is chilly, and it is time to get going!
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